Political System

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Laos is in the process of building and developing the People’s Democratic regime, creating a premise for step by step to socialism.

Currently, Laos follow single-party mode.

The Laos Revolutionary People’s Party leads comprehensively.

The National Assembly is elected by the people, with a 5-year term.

The Government has 15 ministries and ministerial-level agencies.

Division of localities, territories and administrative boundaries: There are 16 provincial and Vientiane administrative units nationwide.

+ From the IV Congress (1986), the Lao Revolutionary People’s Party set out a way to reform, concretize and embark on implementation.

+ The V Congress (1991), continue to improve the reforming policy with the policy of continuing to build and develop the people’s democratic regime, step by step towards the socialist goal.

+ The VI Congress (1996) summarized 5 lessons learned from 10 years of leadership practice and considered it an important historical achievement.

+ The VII Congress (2001) has implemented the renewal path into a national development strategy by 2020; set targets to strive to overcome poverty, to get the country out of development.
+ The VIII Congress (March 2006) continues to affirm that two strategic tasks are to protect and build 10 countries and innovative ways to develop a more stable country, to get Laos out of underdevelopment and creation. a solid premise for industrialization and modernization of the country, towards socialism “.

Laos advocates continued implementation of the path of peaceful, independent, friendship and cooperation; multilateralism, diversifying relations; willing to be a friend, a reliable partner of all countries to ensure the mutual interests and interests of each party; stressed to continue strengthening the friendship and comprehensive cooperation with the Socialist countries, which further enhance the special solidarity and comprehensive cooperation with Vietnam, China and other countries.

In the new situation, despite many changes in internal and external circumstances, Laos Party and State still determine policies foreign affairs with the motto: “… Continuing to maintain diplomatic relations and developing trade relations with all countries, regardless of the political-social regime, on the basis of the 5 principles toward peace; looking for peaceful coexistence, enlisting the support of the governments and people of  nations who wants to helps the Lao Government and people in healing the wounds of war, recovering and developing the economy, culture, constantly improving the life of the Laos people.

Implementing this foreign policy, Laos enlisted the support and support of many countries around the world, taking advantage of capital and technology to develop the country, thereby creating more and more products for the commune.

In 1986, Laos carried out the renovation, in which the foreign affairs of Laos also achieved many achievements. Not only taking advantage of the advantages brought about by foreign relations in the development of the country.

In the practical operation, Laos also contributed positively to the work of the international and the region, successfully organized many international conferences, typically:

+ Meeting of Ministers of Mekong River – Gang River on tourism cooperation (November 2000).
+ Round table conference on funding for Laos for the seventh time (November 2000)
+ ASEAN Foreign Ministers Meeting – European Union (December 2000).
In addition, Laos actively participates in regional cooperation organizations such as ASEAN, Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS), Cambodia – Laos – Vietnam Development Triangle (CLVDT) …

In November 2004, the Laos Government made an important contribution to the success of the ASEAN-10 Summit held in Vientiane with the adoption of the Vientiane Action Program (VAP) and the ASEAN Framework Agreement. about 11 priority areas for integration to create the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) as a free trade area by 2020.

Currently, Laos establishes diplomatic relations with 130 countries, places embassies in 25 countries, five consulates, two representative offices in New York, Geneva and has relations with nearly 100 political parties in countries. Laos is also a member of many regional and international organizations (United Nations, ASEAN, ASEM, ACMEC …).
With great achievements and valuable experience in 20 years of renovation, 6 years of implementing the Resolution of the VIII Congress, Laos Party, State and people will definitely implement the Resolution of the 9th and 9th Congress. Seventh-year socio-economic development plan, successfully building peaceful, independent, democratic, unified, prosperous and socialist Laos.

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